Under the stars
exploding flash of light.
Thunder of explosion
echoing loudly off
building walls.
Terrifying roar of
black shining metal
riding bombing low
across the sky.
Force of military might.
Show of terrifying lit up beauty,
power ,
in the night.
Spectacle of CNN.
Splattered decoration
of blood and limb
in decimated streets.
Stars and stripes,
moons or crosses
lions , birds and beasts
swords or scimitars flying in the storms.
Fireworks exploding
In the sky
for the kings
and queens
mimicking the bombs
without the horror,
just the pride .
Hand over heart,
arm stretched out,
with outstretched hand,
or fist saluting sky.
Spirit of Rome .
all the same .
Oh hallowed
hall of burdened
Oh gosh
gee dynamics
of the win!
Oh litany of systems,
all ruling the horizons !
Oh all encompassing
general electricity
that covers
all the world .
Oh darlings of the
Wall street and financial wizards,
all eating their gâteaus .

Let us walk through
fields of blood red
locked arm in arm,
and forming lines.

Our detectors ,
left at home
are all locked away
in closets
in the halls
as we wander
spending ,
the hours passing,
losing time,
in malls .

The corporals
and the privates
are headed home,
highway heroes,
silent  and returning
in their boxes
from fighting far away.
Hollywood spectacle
of the works
and world
we’re In
and of star studded
disguising all
the baser instincts
of women and of men .
Oh persistent
sweetly proudly
illusions of the win.
What is this bloody
thing we’re in ?
Is it called Democracy ,
or theaters of war?
Iʼm confused.

 From “Next Steps to Paradise ” by PWChaltas

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