A Word About Words

A Word About Words

The spoken word has the colour of the voice and breath to
intimate meaning. It makes the oral tradition of storytelling,
singing, and teaching so much more immediate and present in
groups.  The writer knows the written word is different. Visually
on the page the written word can make an impression that the
spoken word cannot

The written word allows the reader to make his or her
interpretations alone and differently on his/her own terms. The
words themselves can be interpreted differently as they become
pregnant and wait to give birth to the possibilities. Even the
letters, the word’s component parts, have their own individual
meanings: Whether it is alpha , aleph, or “A” the letter we know
as “a” connotes the beginning or the start or the first or the single
or solitary one, The science of genetics recently, as well as the
teachings of the mystics hundreds of years ago, have shown us
that when letters are  combined and linked  in different ways they
bring about different possibilities and different outcomes. The
same is true with words
Pulled all together in a certain way, words may have a literal
interpretation(s). *Read* and interpreted differently they can
have a symbolic or metaphoric interpretation(s)

Words can have different meanings at different times and in
different circumstances.  When they are reread over and over
again in different ways the same words can yield different fruit.

Taking it one step further, the words may combine in ways that
suggest deeper meanings that may defy logical interpretation, to
give us an intuitive perception of ourselves as some part of a
greater, unfathomable and interconnected whole.

Preface from “Seeds of Self Fulfilment Work of Love” by PWChaltas

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