Pigsty People

Pigsty People

Pigsty people
in a pig sty town .
It!s a pigsty all around .
It gets the pigsty people down .
No one wants to live there
but they do.
They just have to.

Others visit just to see
and then just leave
the pig sty town.
Only people
that have to work there stay
and that’s only from  9 to 5 ,
And the the pigsty people
have to live there all the time.
Yes it really it gets them down
but they know
It doesn!t have
to be a pigsty
and that one day
It won’t be a pigsty
One day they will
gather up all the garbage
and unnecessary excess
and clean it  up,
and the pigsty will be
a great  and brand new town .

And people will want to be there
And people will live there
and people will want
to stay around.
The pigsty people
aren’t pigsty people at all
you  see.
They never were.
They aren’t pig stye people
in any way.
It’s the gluttons ,
egomaniacs ,and killers ,
the Psychos,
and the sadists
that sometimes rule ,
who truly are the pigsty people
that live in pigsties ,
made all on
and of their own
From “Picture Book of Poetree” by PWChaltas

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