Only Senior Brunello Knows

This poem is based on a character from Orlando Furioso . It is the third and final “Pig Poem”. The poem is not autobiographical or about any person living or dead, but there are and have been those who exhibit Senoir Brunello’s particular peculiar characteristics and traits .

Only Senior Brunello Knows

Only senior Brunello


just what happens

late at night .

He’s always readyfor a fight .

He’s always right.

He rarely ever spends the evenings

with his wife

except for balls

and special events .

Senior Brunello’s brothers

only know bits and pieces.

Sometimes he takes one

or two out at a time,

But always different ones

at different times,

only where needed and

always according to his plan .

He’s the only one who knows it all ,

and that’s all that he cares to say ,

as he takes a page from Frankie and

Paul’s harmonic notes

and does it all his way.

Senior Brunello

likes them young,

as do certain well accomplished

men his age.

He gets what he wants

when he wants,

and gets to play the sage.

He’s tamed his girls

and his wavy curls,

with hair slicked back,

professionally coloured,

just the right way,

and eye brows plucked,

to hide his age .

The priapitic advances

of doctors help him perform,

otherwise he’d

just have to use his tongue

as he did in days of old

on toes and such.

Success comes

no matter what

the cost,of that,

Senior Brunello makes sure.

His intentions are somewhat

something less than pure.

It’s seems to

Senior Brunello

and all his aides

that he’s never at a loss

for actions or for words.

And Senior Brunello

unadmittedly is getting old

but still is so very much in love

with cash and gold.

Although now he naps just a bit more

during the day

and sometimes,

very rarely,

he forgets, they say.

But sometimes late,

late at night,

after the shinning latex

and the black nylons

are all gone, he cries alone,

even though

he’s been desensitized

by money, lust and fame.

He knows what he practices

and preaches will one day

come his way,

and he thinks about his Momma .

( Everybody’s got a Momma .

He’s got a Momma too.)

He knows that sooner or later

there will be

“no mercy brother “.

So Senior Brunello

just may decide to quit

and sleep most of the day .

And senior Brunello

can be likened to

a sometime sentimental pig,

the closest animal to a human,

with a facsimilie of the human brain,

who plays the  piggish game,

wallowing In the lavish

pen of his own making .

And he is intimate with,

and the only one who  knows

each and every spec of his surrounding filth.

Lately though there’s been

a nagging inkling

and he’s been quite seriously thinking

there may be one Other

whose been watching all this time,

over his very shoulder.

He wonders about the visibility

of his crimes.

And as is common knowledge and

as we all know ,


pigs in pens are always bred

for slaughter.

This most everybody knows.


From “Mercy Brother” by PWChaltas

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