Man of Tall Letters and Passion


Man of Tall Letters and Passion


The T was a thousand stories high

And when they hung him

from the top,

It made the vestal virgins

sigh with sorrow.

It made them cry

the Tears that stood for T.


The I was less than

a single story high

because for him

The I meant nothing.

And so The I

that he became

stood for

for Immemorial,

which his remembrance

was to be.


The M was 40 stories high

and a reflected

mirrored symbol

of the passion

He endured.

It stood for Mortal Mantel .


The E was too

a thousand stories high .

It was made of

human  Error,

one top the other

like mortared

carnal bricks

piled high.


Together the letters

of the man of passion

spell a word through

which he travels


beyond which he

has traveled,

and survives.

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