Poem: Gotham Tower

 Gotham Tower

At the top of
Gotham tower
two solitary lights
burn bright,
the rest of the windows
In the tower dark .
Foolish human
In your concrete cell
You are awake all night
writing, praying,
preoccupied by humanity .

Human how can you
overcome ,
what is greater than you are,
greater than
all of you combined?
Can you become a god
a Caesar,
a single minded warrior
with blood dripping from
mouth, lips, hands.,
to overcome supremacy.
You must come to me,
and worship at my altar
You have no hope human.
Come to that place
where there is no hope.

And the frustrated
little boy
took Zarathustra’s words
and made them
a monstrosity,
that they were not meant
to be ,
to rule the world with
twisted mouth ,
and a small patch
above his lips
a black patch that
all that was sacred
to be voiced.
You say
you will re-crucify Christ
and humanity
on your perverse
and broken cross.
You say this time
they will surely die
before the alter
of your false
and callous numbers ,
before the alter
of the gods that
you have become.
You say this time
they will not be resurrected
ever again in time.
Little boy,
black patched
dead aesthete,
you speak
from two gashes,
of love
of noble people
and country .
Love, little boy ?
You have none to give,
only falsehoods.
Who will stop you
from playing
with your toys,
from wreaking havoc
on humanity ?
Only the random,
and the guided prayer.

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