All the Muses have Left

All the Muses have Left

All the muses have left
me .
They’ve been
gone for a while ,
perhaps even longer .
Don’t know where they go,
when they suddenly travel .
It’s just their style .
to suddenly leave .
Are they
in The south of France
or gone en vacances
to Kuwai, or Hawaii ?
Maybe they’re at
work in some
street city ghetto
or have travelled to China
or even Dubai  ?
All I know is
they’ve left me
as cold  as a fish
without even as much
as a parting goodbye .
They do  that  sometimes.
They know
that I don’t take offense ,
that I wouldn’t mark
a single line
till they’re back
in my corner
In defense
of the word or
of any line
that they drop
on my heart
or slip into soul  .
This is just a note
: Wishing you were

2 thoughts on “All the Muses have Left

  1. The idea of muses intrigues me. Where does our inspiration for creativity come from? Do we tap into some universal pool of creativity, listen to whispers of beloved muses, trigger synapses, or just allow ourselves to be who we are….creators co-creating with our Creator. Your poetry makes me stop and consider. I like the beautiful simplicity of your style. ❤ hugs, pat

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