In the House of 3 Angels


In the House of 3 Angels

In the house
of 3 Angels,
The travellers arrive.
In sunset
and in daylight
the layers
of their hearts
are slowly set
and suffering
is laid bare.
by laughter
and by story
by love of friend,
their journey will
as word In the
Angel’s house
dissipates the fear.
The comfort
of the faithful friend
Is near .
In the house of
3 Angels
The bells toll in the distance
from cathedral spires
and as one angel gives
of self,
the others will receive.
In the house
of 3 Angels
time at sunset
will stand still
and the town
will spread its’ glory
on horizon
by the light
of heaven’s fire,
and friendship
once again
burns bright
in a deep and starry night
as Michael’s
Sword is
swung swiftly
In the warmth
of this evening’s light.

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