Something to Consider on Father’ s Day

To many who will be celebrating Father’s Day this way tomorrow. I still miss my Dad after over 41years. A father & mother are imagemeant to be cherished. I have always thought our purpose here in this world is to hopefully learn and progress, not to regress, if we have the courage to profess what we’ve learned, our faults. I’ve learned a few lessons as a result of this early event of loss in my life but I’m still earnestly trying to figure it all out to the best of my ability. The main takeaway I see is that all things in this world are temporary except for authentic love; the kind that includes forgiveness.

” As much as you wish for, as you hope for, a remembrance of your childhood, for those who left, those that were lost in their sleep…that ever, ever, endless expanse of tombs, as much as you ask for the bodies, the forms that you once loved, to bow down before the harsh boughs of the plane trees….”

-George Seferis “Epiphany”

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