The Moments Notice

The Moments Notice


The water casts
Its waving
chain link net,
Moving up and down
a shimmering
ultra blue and rose.
It glides,
A haunting melody
of the Dream boat queen
That only a single listener
Truly knows.
Single song, familiar ode for two
Your wistful staining of
The night paths,
Is soaking though
All the evening pavement
And into pedestrian clothes,
As the children sing in
In a single chorus voice, while

Playing all the games that children play A.D.

The chefs in their
morose, are wondering,
Behind their tall black bars, pondering their Woes, taking off tall hats,
just what they did,
To have to serve their time.
Who knows ?
Botero’s  ladies sit in twos, talking, fast food fed and airing folds by laundromats.
The mounds of load, low lying,
suffering road;
Seated, their half brick walls
Are fed with stress.
And the flaneur’s eyes,
are eyeing
All the spaces
now presenting selves
between the buildings
as he goes.
Spaces that become the upward arrows
of rose bud, blue and mauve,
the odd one
Crowned with arches or a pale leaf gold
And all this time, not knowIng
just what and
How close death
may really be;
hanging on
The certitude of
and flower,
Low lying fruit
for the unexpected
notice to arrive at the appointed hour.

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