Voicing It

It took me a good while reading, randomly studying, and meditating  to come to a resolution. ( Concerted studying has its benefits and limitations too.) G_d’s hand is often found in apparent randomness. The Word took me away, and meditating ,observing , and thinking about the “G-d/Jesus Christ” issue it finally sunk in by osmosis ( faith ) that 2 could be One , 3 could be One and Many could be One. It all reminds me of the old songs “Love will Keep us Together ” or “Have I Told you Lately that I Love you” or a song about “The One” from Van Morrisson’s “Poetic Champions Compose ” Today I’m voicing it for whatever its worth . It’s not so easy to do so and it is a risk to be “liquidly confessing” like this as Margaret Atwood says , but I think I should …

The Bible has been re translated many times . There have been so many changes and slants to accommodate factions and special interests .Go back far enough and you get to the Torah and The Talmud. If you take the “original” texts and go back even further, you arrive at the Dead Sea Scrolls  and The Essenes , voices in the desert who were far from the Temple in Jerusalem and prayed to G_d through the “Angels “. Their bodies and spirits were their temples . Leronard  Cohen ( whose last name infers “priest “) writes in one of his poem /songs: “I forget to prey for the Angels and the Angels forget to pray for me”. Some speculate that Jesus Christ  and the historical Johannan the Immerser, his cousin (John the Baptist ) were Essenes . For more information on this you can read “Rabbi Jesus” by Bruce Chilton. A subsequent book “Rabbi Paul “has been written about the origins of Christianity as well.

P.S. If anyone is wondering about why I’m following my own blog …It’s because a good chunk  of the content in my blog , comes from another & other sources , so I follow the words to get a better sense of what is being said .

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