Empathy for the Pigs

Empathy for the Pigs

The pigs are screaming.

The smell of excrement and

their snouts are all up in air.

The protesters with placards

have forgotten them

and are not there,

on the corner

that the transport

usually turns at .

( or perhaps

they’ve changed

the times of transport )

G_d save the pigs.

Their snouts are desperately

poking out of the grills

of the transport

sniffing their

last sweet final sniff of air .

The pigs are being

led to slaughter

and there is no one


to protest

or to save them,

Just the ones

that haul them

who areĀ bringing home


to all the frying pans

and grills.

Further down the path

designated UN observers

and the dispassionate

watch disengaged .

G_d save the pigs

There’s no one else

who will,

from these terrible

unholy appetites of theirs.

From “Free Verse in Useless Times” by PWChaltas

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