Chansons des pauvres

Chansons d’amour

Chanter le coeur

Chansons des pauvres

Chasons d’amour.

Is that you Serge


across the rafters

of my room

coming back for more,

wanting to discuss

the sadness of

poetry or girls ?

Please let’s try

once more

with feeling .

Is that you Serge?

I thought I saw

your daughter

late this afternoon

walking down the

street exiting the doors

of your retreat.

and mausoleum .

Is it time that

we should meet again?

Is that you Serge?

Baudelaire says

we should all

be drunk with


(that stales our breath)

or with poetry

or virtue .

Let’s take our pick.


For Serge Gainsbourg from “Free Verse in Useless Times” by PWChaltas

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