Fave Ladies of All Time

Fave Ladies of All Time

What makes a lady exceptional? It is the same quality that makes lovers, partners, and parents, exceptional : They all exhibit the greatest telltale sign of love, the conscious willingness to sacrifice self interest, and ultimately even the self for the sake of others.

Here’s part of my personal list :  ( Feel free to look up the famous ones on Wikipedia )

St. Teresa of Avila -Bride of Ecstatic Faith

Mother Teresa of Calcutta- Worker in Love

Mary Magdalene -Lover saved by words that stopped stones

Esther – Sacrificed self for her people

Fatima- Daughter of the Prophet, Worker in Love

Rachel – Who pleaded for others

Ruth- Achieved honour through her concern for others

The Virgin Mary – Bride and Mother. Enough said.

My Paternal Grandmother -patient teacher of Kindness love and wisdom

My Mother -patient teacher of Kindness love and wisdom

Joan of Arc- Warrior woman of Faith, Heroine Martyr.

My Wife- Steadfast, loyal, intelligent, heartfelt partner ever present.

The Goddess Athena known as Wisdom

Calliope, Melpomene, and Mnemosyne – The 3 Muses of Poetry

Sylvia Plath – Martyr to Love and Poetry

Mary Oliver – Lover of Nature and Word

Maya Angelou-in Greek her chosen name means “Angel’s magic”

Marilyn Monroe – Icon, Lover, Martyr, Victim.

Marilyn Vos Savant – Intelligence, Family, and Beauty

Margaret Thatcher “The Iron Lady”- Stalin would have liked her (“Man of Steel”)

Effie Triantafilopoulos –  Politician with a Heart, Mind and Soul

Anne Frank – Survivor, Worker in Word.

Camile Paglia- A man’s Feminist

Older Women – Especially creative ones:Wordsmiths, Artists, Photographers, and Mothers.

***And many more too numerous to mention here… and only just for now.

In conclusion:

The Greatest Sign of Love:

Conscious Self Sacrifice for Others

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