Love Gone Wrong / Two Poems

The Pawn Shop of Love

Take what’s left of this love and pawn it ,

In the pawn shop of love just down the street .

Take what ever ʻs left

and not dead.

Take this love it’s dying,

and just about gone;

pawn it,

in the pawn shop of love.

Pawn it for a romantic song

or a for a Rolex

or for a shining diamond ring .

Love is for sale here

you can trade it buy it, or sell it

here in this pawn shop of love,

where love has a price

and people trade it,

for money or for other love

that’s just slightly used

or perhaps thatʼs even new,

Other love that seems more interesting

and more amusing,

other love, and other lovers to lie to ,

others made for the abusing,

Other loves made for the losing

Other loves to trade later once again

in this pawnshop of love

just down the street,

where some people buy it, sell it ,

trade it or lose it

just for something to eat,

and some

just like to shop there

for a treat .

From “Picture Book of Poetree” by PWChaltas


I treated you
You treated me
with love.
You adored me,
Love’s flame
brightly burned
in your eyes.
I told you
merciful lies .
I loved you
at midnight
In the darkest hours.
You made me die
by day .
We made
ill fated plans
You started all
your plans  and played.
I treated you poorly.
You loved me
with body
heart and sighs,
but not with soul
or mind.
They all said,
that I would pay.
You said
there were lies
on both sides,
after it was done.
I treated you poorly.
Then I ran away .
Sometimes in my sleep,
late at night ,
I see you at a distance
in a boutique
of coloured cloth,
or on sidewalks outside
familial doors,
and at times
out in the wastelands
of the city,
high up on mountains ,
in your mournful
wedding dress.
So many tears were
So much time
has passed,
that’s given
us peace and ease,
and other lovers
to love.

From “Next Steps to Paradise” by PWChaltas

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