The Plain of Light

The Plain of Light

Morning hours before dawn

In contemplation of the Tree,

years ago with closed eyes

and tears of patience.
The path upward impairs ,

is tiring , dizzying

and absorbing.
It weakens the legs

and they border on collapse.
Then a light so bright illuminates the eyes

and fully floods them from within.
A brightness so great

that all that is perceived,

is the plain

on the horizon

and nothing more except

the joy of an incredible lightness

and a wonderous illumination

that bathes & soothes.
In a blink, like a novice

on a tightrope who realizes where he is …A switch,

and the light is lost.

The peace ,

weightless joy,

and renewal remain .
I have not been there since.

From “Seeds of Self Fulfillment .Work of Love . Part 1” by PWChaltas

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