The Great Hall

The Great Hall

They all enter into the great hall

The short ,the tall

The great, the small

The slim and the fat

The arrogant, the wise

The great, the humble

The proud, the ignorant

and those full of lies,

The collectors,

and those who love to possess,

The simple and the complex,

The difficult, and those who love sex

The strong, the weak

The idiot and the freak

The beautiful and the plain

The sane and the insane

The angry and those morose or sad

The sick, the well,

The good, the blind

The coarse, the fine

The ones which life made glad,

and who were good to life as well,

They all enter the great hall

and here they are simply all the same.

The only difference being each has a name
to identify the part

but they are all still just a part of the larger whole .

And those left behind embrace or battle with the snake

and wage the war of give and take

before they too can climb the stair

and over or under the wall

or through the gate

Into the great

and lofty hall

that leads

to different destinations.

From “Picture Book of Poetree” by PWChaltas.

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