4 Seasons

4 Seasons

In the lounge
at the four seasons
are close cropped pharaohs
and longer haired pariahs .
Celebrity chefs
with handle bar mustache
hold court .
The music is Buddha-bar-ish

And all French Colette .

Elegant gazelles  in black,
slim brokers in tight tailored
or  V-necks over crew neck tees,
mix, mix it up.
The mood is beige and tan.
Ladies at the bar
are smoothing out
their long  dark
flowing hair
or pulling light strands
of sheep dog frizz.
In between their sips
the gentlemen
can’t help but
discretely stare.
And I’m finally
whore of Babylon free
at last.

Just wrote this tonight …Its a poem to celebrate a change … I’ve always thought the number 4 is significant. It  prompted me to write a collection called “A Matter of Four ” in honour of 4 and its permutations.
This poem is now part of the collection that I’m currently working on called “Persephone’s Call”- PWC

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