Persephone’s Call

Persephone’s  Call

you call out ,
for scythes
to save you ,
to razor slit hell
with crystalline precision .
Your not yet ripened beauty picked
In cockle shell despair
traverses  convoluted
acres  of ash
in satin stride .
Dark loins
are thrown into you ,
in a moment’s drop
of translucent
and prosaic dementia.


The events of the recent months, all the brutal travesties and tragedies of sexual violence and rape , in the news have disturbingly etched themselves into my mind. This poem came into existence  from those events . WE should never allow modern humanity to slip and fall so far and so low again. There must no place in the modern world for abduction , rape, or sexual violence . it should be relegated only to the past and to the myths of the past , not to the present or to the future .- PWC


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