The wind rose

gradually steadily

to a storm.


it came in

off the coast

and it shook the

chandeliers in buildings,


and signs off of their posts.

And in it’s force of gust

It took a young

woman from among us

while she was


not far from home .

And in it’s force of gust

It took a wizened willow

from amongst a grove of

wizened willows

by the lake.

It cracked the thick limbs

of its trunk,

clean in two,


leaves and branches by

the lake besides,

the severed dark limbs

that sat split on grass

opened to their

pale and white insides .

The heartbreak for the woman :

that she

she was so young

and so alive

The heartbreak for the willow:

that it was

so old,

snapped , pale

and white inside.

Both died ,

and so did a part

of everyone who heard 

or saw the outcome

of the furious gust

of wind 

that left

all other things around them,

as they were,


and unscathed .


                            After Sandy  Oct 29/12







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