It’s night .
We’re far away
without a home
in flight
on angel’s wings,
and in need of
tender shielding
love .
Open up your heart ,
and let us in
for the nurturing ,
and the healing to begin .
We are here .
No other shelter near .
The nights are filled
with weariness
and fear .
Make it a night of sweet survival ,
of rest ,
of everything that’s dear ,
to human hearts
and to those who
are gathered in ,
who have loved so well .

Open up your doors
to guests and strangers
and let us in .
The moments flow
like running water .
There’s no time left
to waste .
The time will come
when the world
will need a refuge
to reside in ,
when the earth will
open to the light
and yield to
another heart
that has turned the key
and let us in.

Open and let us in .
Let us come inside
to shelter you
and all those that you love .
Lets begin a silent night
with love
that enters into day .

From “No Subject here Just Light” by PWChaltas

Merry Christmas