Children are trusting
with a natural tendency
to the good .
They are closer to the source .
When children are abused
psychologically or physically
in formative years
or at an early age
the only thing
they can conclude
Is that life is harsh, cruel
unforgiving and that somehow
they are to blame .
Their only conclusion can be
that they must be prepared
to deal with it
by not feeling
or sometimes acting
in a cruel, harsh or
manipulative way as well .
It takes a unique adult ,
often with help,
to become aware
and reverse that kind of
damage done to the child .
Treat your children kindly.
Show them responsibility.
Teach them discipline,
but also respect for others .
Most importantly
give them love .
Children need the love
of both parents
to learn to love themselves .
Can we really blame
the thief, the murderer,
sociopath, or psychopath ?

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