Shekinah Even Song

Shekinah Even Song

In the meadows
With the setting sun
The gloaming hour
trees afire,
The time to journey
Has come

The road is long
The steps are known
Feet are weary
But my heart is strong
And I return
With thoughts
of you
and bearing
notes of even song.

The darkness
Is all around
And silence covers
sleeping town
Only the ancient
Shines its silken
Milky light
On the hillsides
Of our home.

Come sing
With me
agaIn tonight,
At the table,
By the stirring
candle light
our lips
on red, red
wine of song
And the bread of life
That we partake
each in the other.
And in a single
Solitary line
We will all sing the holy words
That raise the music
Of our souls
And join our voices
In the harmony

Sing my love
Oh sing
my love
There is nothing
that we
can do
but sing
This love of ours
One heart
One mind
will fall on
every living thing

Raise the light
And sing it true
The lyric speaks
Of you,
and we two together
as sun rises
slowly In our eyes,
And pale moon
Drifts across
lightening sky and
fading stars
We, with word
will move again,
souls united
From falling dusk.

In coming dawn
Come sing
With me
In the early
morning hour
With sun above.
Sing my Love
and I will sing
In harmony
with you
We together,
light or dark,
night or day
Will never truly
be apart
for long.
A year, a day,
A single heart
They are all
A simple breath
and but an
Even song

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