Egyptian queen,

half Greek,

with your piercing eyes

tender advances

and merciless attacks,

ravenous dominatrix

you humble powerful men

flat and


submitting to

the towering succubus

above them.

You are dark

and olive skinned.

Sometimes you are blonde,

delicately painted pale.

At other times your hair is red

and your skin tinted with

Royal Egyptian blue.

Your scents and oils,

your weeping eyes and

eye brows

and subtle skills

are legend among men.

Arousing spices, whispers

and the light from candles

are your swords.

Your words are serpents

swallowing their tails,

never ending

constantly recreating


and convincing.

Only old truly

ambitious men

succeed in not

falling prey

to your serpentine

charms ,

and the delicate sensations

of expiring

in your arms.

From “the Black and other Base Elements” by  PWChaltas

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