Hemingway’s Conversation


Hemingway contemplates
In a new found darkness.
He wonders when it will
And asks Cohen:
“Do you know?”
“How was it when you left?”
Cohen answers
No – it was so, so,
It hadn’t been that dark
Since 1939,
But the light
Eventually will come.
And we may see ourselves again perhaps In ways,
we haven’t seen,
Since very long ago.

The Boatman’s Absence

The boatman

Is no where to be seen
No boat, no oars,
No shining angel eyes .
There are only remnant
traces where he’s been.
He’s far away exploring other familiar shores,
And his presence
Is sorely missed.

YOU whose heart was
Enormous, cracked, and sympathetically flawed-
radiating light
from a blazing great fire;
whose eyes
Puffed with weariness
In a body too tired,
and too frail to go on,
With eyes clear and luminous
And shining with wonder
as they often are
in the aged and wise.
The time arises that souls
need to move on,
Like a bird on a wire;
And you knew it was coming,
-this journey-
With a Hineni in song