Shekinah Even Song

Shekinah Even Song

In the meadows
With the setting sun
The gloaming hour
trees afire,
The time to journey
Has come

The road is long
The steps are known
Feet are weary
But my heart is strong
And I return
With thoughts
of you
and bearing
notes of even song.

The darkness
Is all around
And silence covers
sleeping town
Only the ancient
Shines its silken
Milky light
On the hillsides
Of our home.

Come sing
With me
agaIn tonight,
At the table,
By the stirring
candle light
our lips
on red, red
wine of song
And the bread of life
That we partake
each in the other.
And in a single
Solitary line
We will all sing the holy words
That raise the music
Of our souls
And join our voices
In the harmony

Sing my love
Oh sing
my love
There is nothing
that we
can do
but sing
This love of ours
One heart
One mind
will fall on
every living thing

Raise the light
And sing it true
The lyric speaks
Of you,
and we two together
as sun rises
slowly In our eyes,
And pale moon
Drifts across
lightening sky and
fading stars
We, with word
will move again,
souls united
From falling dusk.

In coming dawn
Come sing
With me
In the early
morning hour
With sun above.
Sing my Love
and I will sing
In harmony
with you
We together,
light or dark,
night or day
Will never truly
be apart
for long.
A year, a day,
A single heart
They are all
A simple breath
and but an
Even song

He’s the One Sitting

He’s The One Sitting

He’s the one
on the street corner Watching
People walk away.

He’s the one sitting
On the street corner
He’s got nothing
To say.

He’s the one sitting
On the street corner
Watching the world
go on its’ way.

He’s the one
Resigned almost
No one could try
to understand
or exactly say why

He’s the one sitting
On the street corner
the world
go by.

He’s the one sitting
on the Street corner
take a just moment
To say hello.

He’s The One
Take a moment
and let Him know,
That running
or not
We admit
we’re are all
Very much the same :
Running, sitting
Laughing, or silent,
in the crowd
all part
Of the still and
game .

He’s The One so,
Just take some time
And let him know
you care,
And do what you
would want
Else to do
For you .

Road East

On the road
Travelling east
broad grey
ribbon passing
expansive slopes of white
finely pierced,
with sepia.

Under the expanse
of watercolour grey
And beauty blue.

White expanse
And Willow
Against a dusted
fine brown vein,
Of life.
The wind runs above
And through it.

Travelled heart
You have no concept
Of the white expanse
Of it all.

Celestial blue,
You arrive
Out of grey
In sunshine.

Cityscape below
On striped
of yellow .

red sunset
On the sky
Of darkening blue
And grey

Red neon
Hang on
the city,
Towers capped by
red lights.
The City restless
At night
fully charged
And alive
In the streets.

We watch in evening
As dreams come
half asleep
In a moonless night
Without the stars.

Single Candle

Just a single
Candle lit
at night ,
a simple
act of kindness ,
will do just
to spread
The light
And dissipate
The darkness.

You who call
Me by my name
And bear witness
To the pain
Secure your hearts
And make them
so that you may
The trials
That may begin,
The stripes that
Cleanse the Body
And the blood
Of sin
A single victory
Of light over
the darkness.

Off the Deep End

Just an old guy
Off the deep end
Jumped off
a while ago

Just an old guy
Off the deep end
What can
I possibly know

Just an old guy
Off the deep end
Been under for
a while.

I Surface every now
And then
spill a few
And breathe
And then
back down again
in undertow

Just an old guy
Off the deep end
in The deep
Awake, asleep
Just an old guy off
In The deep
So nice to have
you watching
While I bob.

You probably have
heard It all
in so many
different ways
When I come up
from under
What is it, can I say ?
Maybe there’s
A reason for these
Breaths and closes,
Lips releasing words.

It’s just so good
to have you with me
whatever day,
Whatever the
constant drowning
Causes me to say.

Journey Past the Line

I must cross the line .
You know I love you.
I have been yours
And you’ve been mine
Will you come with me
As I cross the line ?
And if you can’t
I know you want to,
It will still be fine.
The time has come
That I alone
must cross the line.
But I will be with you
In late life laughter
In Heart and mind
Even after
I cross the line.
And please
I will always love you,
as you have loved me,
Oh Child of mine.

The Winter Earth

The Winter Earthimage

Borrowed time


Borrowed time

Looking past
the pain
And sorrow
as time flies
so quickly winged.
Times come
when need,
and the cold
grey earth of winter,
which once was
rich and fertile,
So full of life ,
and yielding
now finally sleep,
while we await
that transformation
when earth is
Turned to ash
And ash once more
Is turned to earth again
by the final
flame memory
of hope
and a silent prayer .