Questions Questions

Why hunger,

Why existential pain?

Is the current truth a fake ?

Should we empathize with pigs ?

Why are cell phones

named after nature’s fruit ?

And who does the child

as an adult look

for ?

What is it about nature

and the lake?





Poetry Art, the Child


Poetry , Art the Child

There is a quiet
And exhilarating joy
In poetry or art ,
like a child
born and raised
on page or canvas
waiting to be engaged ,
appreciated ,
waiting to delight ,
to commit
and reflect the
viewer , the reader,
to occupy their mind .
Poetry , art
Is like a child
whose company
is precious
to enjoy ,
and to delight in.
It gives us joy
and a single parting
of the fleeting sweetness
That is life .

From “Eyes of the Artist ” by PWChaltas