Late at night

When the
7 silver stars
Gyrate across
The midnight sky;
Quelling sister’s
Great despair
I by soft white light
Of virgin moon
And 100 stringed
And glowing stars
lie sleeping,
eyes closed
in eternal stare,
And you whisper
Sweetly, gently,
In my ear,
Cathartic words
Of love,
and selves repair.


Dream Sequence

Dream Sequence

Misted evening
David on his terrace
watching two men .
one his soldier ,
the other friend ,
across and down the way
on neighbouring terrace .
Red wine drips
from both their lips
at a perverse table
of their words.
Suddenly Bathsheba
naked  In the thick
and sultry  
air of night
only to quickly disappear.
He feels her nearer now.
The sickness  in his loins
grows and sets
in his heart.
The sun
is tempted .
Further up the One
and knows
outcome of it all .