Blue Clouded Streak

Blue Clouded Streak

There is a blue
Clouded streak
In the night sky
As if moon
was shining
But there is
no moon.
There is a blue
Clouded streak
In the night sky,
As if blue day was
covered by
A velvet curtain;
dark ultra blue.
There is a blue
Parted stream in
The night sky
As the day
and its aspirations
Die quietly
Now covered
By purpled
darkness where
Only a solitary pair
Of wings is heard fluttering.

How about It’s Coming

How about It’s Coming

It’s coming
In double 4’s
Not much I can do
But really  live
till time runs out .
How about
You ?
Going to be here
till the black
Canary sings ?

So I walk
and walk
and walk
and i enjoy it.
Feet to the ground
Eyes on the sun
and the stars .
I choose
To be
This way ,
and walk away
Into horizons .
How about you Lady ?
How about you Bud ?
How about you son ?
How about you sweets ?
How about you Love?