End Song


There was a man
who thought about the past, that thought
His life was
Ending, future nonexistent,
and suddenly
he opened his eyes,
looked around
and realized
the wealth
that was about Him :
his friends,
his family, his health,
his loves,
and all
the many places
of his habitation
In others:
the souls,
that were
Mirrored in his soul,
And his soul that
was mirrored
in theirs,
and he realized:
this was good,
that in
this unity
itself there
was no other Existence;
that could be truer,
No greater longing
Than for this
And instantly
in the
he was
at peace,
in this place of

How about It’s Coming

How about It’s Coming

It’s coming
In double 4’s
Not much I can do
But really  live
till time runs out .
How about
You ?
Going to be here
till the black
Canary sings ?

So I walk
and walk
and walk
and i enjoy it.
Feet to the ground
Eyes on the sun
and the stars .
I choose
To be
This way ,
and walk away
Into horizons .
How about you Lady ?
How about you Bud ?
How about you son ?
How about you sweets ?
How about you Love?