Leave Me

Who has said to death,
Go and leave me
For a season.
Let me rest easy.
You are a shirt
Blue and white
Or black
That will go
to Goodwill;
You are
wrinkled papers
and other things
Folded waiting
in the pockets
of time;
And we must make a
New start in
This latter time,
We must have the patience,
And be willing to say :
Leave me for
a season,
As a coursing
fresh in new thought.

Pavlov and His Dog are Waiting

Pavlov and His Dog are Waiting

Pavlov and his
dog are waiting
In the car
side by side,
waiting for Pavlov’s wife.
The dog isn’t salivating
and neither is Pavlov .
They are waiting
without anticipation,
starring both in exactly
the same way
straight ahead.
It’s a direct order
from fate,
and the bells of desire
have stopped
ringing .
They’ve been
by patience
in tandem ,
as Pavlov
and his dog
wait patiently
In the car.

From “Ruminations of the Dead” by PWChaltas