Back to the Secret Beach

In celebration of the end of this year and and the beginning of the New I took a short journey to
A secret beach


On the path to
The secret beach
is a sun dial memorial
With an Inscription
that reads:

Time flies
Suns rise
And shadows fall
Let it pass by;
Love reigns
Forever over all.

It is Anonymous.


Over the bridge
of still waters
the fountains
Have now ceased
And the mallards
Sit meditative
on mirrored water
Among reeds
And yellow
floating leaves.

And the waters of
With their voices, all
Come out to meet me


and coloured
Stones mixed
with driftwood and debris,
the remnants of a multicoloured Life,
Grey now,
greet me as
tenant stands,
Self by the sea,
That leads
to the portals
Of a blue infinity.image

Man on 3 Poles


Man on 3 Poles

There’s a thin man
with shaved head.
cross legged
In soothing contemplation
watching the horizon
balanced on 3 poles
He’s the sameness
of us all.
At home he stands
barefoot outside a building
In a coat
staring and listening
to music
from a symphony of
twisted shining glass .
he speaks says:
“I’ve survived”