Beach on Infinity


There’s a secret beach I travel to ..

Beach on Infinity


And we walked along

the guarded path

where the pygmy loves

could not tread,

to the sands of the sacred beach

on a sea of infinity,

to that place in the sand

where the setting sun

froze and

stood still as a pearl.

And our dreams crystallized

into cast

grains of salt

all around us.

There with our feet

grounded In the sand

of a cosmos

of a million realities,

Our love became

a piercing of the heart.

Our tears became bubbles

that rose upwards

and burst into the air

that was thick

with the moment

of a golden light,

and with a fleeting


quickly melting

into a night of stars.

From “Free Verse in Useless Times” by PWChaltas

Void Voice


Void Voice

Void Voice

I was tired
you gave me rest .
I was desolate
consumed by a void
till I heard
A silent sacred voice
Spilling into it
so very clearly
In a sparkling flow
Peace relieve me.
Grief let me learn to
live with less .
Give me more of that
stark and simple insight
so that I can
Openly confess
that all is one .

Broken Angel


Broken Angel


Broken angel
sitting on the steps
out on your own
You’ve lost
A friend,
And love;
I know,
It’s so hard to be alone

Broken angel
I’ve been there
Once before.
I remember.
It seems it was so
Many years ago

Your arms
Are bruised
Your wings are torn
You heart is shattered
Broken angel
Are you able to perform
The miracles
by night again?

Broken angel
I know it’s just
Not right,
But that’s just how
It seems to go,
you have to fight,
The deepest darkest
battles all alone at night
broken angel.

Broken angel
You’re the only angel
that I know.
There were others
Once but they all
gave up and had to go.
They all just
turned around
and flew away.

They’ve gone
for good now
broken angel
and so I ask
If I can stay,
And spend this night
On simple steps
with you aglow
so we
can fight
this darkness
that we know
till the early morning
light of day.

You and I both together,
won’t be long,
Till the coming
Of the early morning dawn
my broken broken angel.

Love in Now


Love in Now

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Love in Now

Touch this body
Touch this mind
Take my hand
and let’s embrace
each other from inside
I am here
I am yours and you
Are mine
and There’s only
Just a point of vacant space
and time
left for all our loving ,
Left for this love we’ve made
Thoughout the years
Sharing, serving secrets
in the dark
and if tomorrow
In a flash of morning
This all
just ends
This body you have held
Is lowered softly
with the simple earth to meld ,
Just a measured breath
graced by loving angels
What matters is
Our love in now
so lets love again
and it will be alright
Love each other
Deep tonight
Once again
enfolding body soul and mind
So sweetly in this dark
Thats lit by love
and burning candles .
Your hands are mine
And mine are yours
This Love of mine ,
this love of yours .
Here together in
this flowing river
we call time .