The Boatman Travels

imageThe boatman
Has set his sights on travel,
With his ancient oar,
all on his own.
And he will journey far
To distant places
that he well knows,
And where he is
well known.
He is grateful
for good fortune
for all charitable hearts
Along his flowing road,
And for the safe directions
in which
The winds have blown.

Haven’t Been


Haven’t  Been

I haven’t been

where you have been.

I don’t know

the things you know

but as sure,

as surely,

as you have been

and known the places

and the things

that you have seen ,

I will journey there


and on my own

and will return

after I have

been and seen

and known ,

the places where

you’ve been.

And we shall then


to be,

those who live within

each other

and within

the very one


the one within

ourselves .

From “A Matter of 4” by PWChaltas