Haven’t Been


Haven’t  Been

I haven’t been

where you have been.

I don’t know

the things you know

but as sure,

as surely,

as you have been

and known the places

and the things

that you have seen ,

I will journey there


and on my own

and will return

after I have

been and seen

and known ,

the places where

you’ve been.

And we shall then


to be,

those who live within

each other

and within

the very one


the one within

ourselves .

From “A Matter of 4” by PWChaltas

Perfect Silence


Perfect Silence

Perfect Silence

The monstrosity
Of man made machines
Violates a perfect
Silence .
Nature is spoiled .
Peace disconnected .
The servants must

have their masters
and The Masters must have
their due.

The time is made for killing
and kill is
what we do .
There’s no time left
to hear our breathing
or feel souls intact
and made whole .
No time left
for given mercies .
It’s the taking that we
must do.
And so our meditations
are flat
our hearts still and frozen ,
turning shades of blue .

We all simply
must continue
and do
what we must do

We prey
for the perfect silence
of simple aggregates ,
to come once again :
Those that we gather
all on our own alone
stone by single stone
and those gathered together
that are thrown
upon us both
by handful
and by a final spade .
Thus is the silence made .