Fragrant Night

Fragrant night
Without a care
In the company
Of friends and blood
On a winding path
With music and a
Wafting scent of lilac
In the air.


Speak To Me

Speak to Me

Speak to me
About what ails you
And give It vent
Talk to me about what
ails you
don’t bother asking for
My Consent
talk to me about what ails
speak your pain most
In a scroll of holy breath.
There remains time yet
for the world in you to
Yet repent ..Just
A while yet left .
talk to me about
What ails you
Ease and
let the burdens fall
From heaving breast ,
As spirit spreads
Its wings
Towards you
to surround us
leaving only
what is best .

The German Couple Next to Us


The German Couple Next to Us

A couple

was speaking German

at the table next to us.

She was a fine lady

in her fifties

with short cropped hair,

clear blue eyes and,

quite young

in her movement

and demeanor.

He sat across from

her at the table,

a tall graying gentleman,

with wrinkles

in his face ,



by many frequent smiles

over the years.

And at one

quite unexpected


in raw and unashamed emotion ,

she laid her hand

on him and caressed

all the deep lines

on his face ,

with a type

of tenderness

and warmth,

rarely ever seen,

with no equal in it’s honesty.

He returned

the gesture to her


like a mirror

by looking deeply

into her eyes.

And in the end

it was plain

that there is                                                                                            

no brand or nationality

to humanity.

We are all part and parcel of

the human race ,

and all

the same.

We’re the subject

of a kind and gentle grace ,

with a yearning for



and for each others


mirrored love.

From “Dreams for A Saturday Morning ” by PWChaltas