The Truth

The truth sometimes
simply sits
before our faces,
but we don’t see that it is there.
Sometimes it is covered, disguised,
and we don’t take
time or effort
to uncover it; to look,
and to see.
The truth sometime seems too simple,
and sometimes too far fetched,
And outlandish, to believe.
The truth sometimes masquerades
or is represented as a lie,
but more frequently,
a lie masquerades as truth.
The truth can only be discerned through observation, and meditation,
And not completely by intellect.

Intellect is too fragile,
too subject to influence,
and filter.
The truth is perceived
often by a few and not by many,
Although many will.
Only true teachers,
and prophets speak the truth, because it is their purpose. Lawyers, doctors, politicians, scientists, filter the truth through their profession, and their rules, At best a profession can only relate the truth in broken pieces.
The truth is a whole.
The truth is a palindrome,
and a special anagram.
It says and means the same thing, whether it is read forward or backwards, or whether rearranged,
regardless of the frame of reference.
The truth is best related by a parable,
as a reflection is cast in a mirror, from the most minute detail,
to the most encompassing,
and largest form.
The truth is a mirror.
The truth can be inconvenient,
But ultimately it is convenient.
The truth can be tucked away and hidden,
but the truth,
will always remain the truth,
Whether perceived or not.


Listen to the Silence

I cannot tell you what to say I cannot tell you what to do tomorrow or today. I can only ask you to be silent

to listen to the voice,

and to what it has to say.

There is a darkness that no soul can imagine, the blackness of the soul not talking to itself or to its source

so let’s just  listen.

Perfect Silence


Perfect Silence

Perfect Silence

The monstrosity
Of man made machines
Violates a perfect
Silence .
Nature is spoiled .
Peace disconnected .
The servants must

have their masters
and The Masters must have
their due.

The time is made for killing
and kill is
what we do .
There’s no time left
to hear our breathing
or feel souls intact
and made whole .
No time left
for given mercies .
It’s the taking that we
must do.
And so our meditations
are flat
our hearts still and frozen ,
turning shades of blue .

We all simply
must continue
and do
what we must do

We prey
for the perfect silence
of simple aggregates ,
to come once again :
Those that we gather
all on our own alone
stone by single stone
and those gathered together
that are thrown
upon us both
by handful
and by a final spade .
Thus is the silence made .

If You Really Want to Try

If You Really Want to Try

If you really
want to try
to know G_d
read the Bible
part one and two,
read Torah
and the Talmud,
the Zohar and
the Qu’aran
and then read Siddharta,
but most of
all read Rumi ,
trust in your
innate goodness,
and in the One
above all .

From : “Free Verse in Useless Times” by PWChaltas