Goodbye Tasting

We all have tasted painful relationships like this one at one time or another in our lives
That’s not to say we should dwell on them :

Goodbye Tasting

You said :
You’ve got to go,
I said I’d rather stay,
so you led me
to your bed.
I said :
I’d rather not
this way.
You took
my love
My dear and simply made it
A heart
hors d’oeuvre,
Nice and tasty .

Line of the Sky

Line of the Sky

Turquoise sky
blue hued rose
clear and bright ,
that meets
grey and purple line
of cloud,
shrouding day in cover .
What passage
of time and place is this ,
that now
we gaze upon the face
and recognize the past ,
the times gone by,
So long ago,
so familiar ,
so lost ,
yet present
In a memory ?