This Existence

This existence is enough

To make you insane

The Beauty of it


And the pain


Only the comfort

Of each other ….

Goodbye Tasting

We all have tasted painful relationships like this one at one time or another in our lives
That’s not to say we should dwell on them :

Goodbye Tasting

You said :
You’ve got to go,
I said I’d rather stay,
so you led me
to your bed.
I said :
I’d rather not
this way.
You took
my love
My dear and simply made it
A heart
hors d’oeuvre,
Nice and tasty .

Line of the Sky

Line of the Sky

Turquoise sky
blue hued rose
clear and bright ,
that meets
grey and purple line
of cloud,
shrouding day in cover .
What passage
of time and place is this ,
that now
we gaze upon the face
and recognize the past ,
the times gone by,
So long ago,
so familiar ,
so lost ,
yet present
In a memory ?