Broken Angel


Broken Angel


Broken angel
sitting on the steps
out on your own
You’ve lost
A friend,
And love;
I know,
It’s so hard to be alone

Broken angel
I’ve been there
Once before.
I remember.
It seems it was so
Many years ago

Your arms
Are bruised
Your wings are torn
You heart is shattered
Broken angel
Are you able to perform
The miracles
by night again?

Broken angel
I know it’s just
Not right,
But that’s just how
It seems to go,
you have to fight,
The deepest darkest
battles all alone at night
broken angel.

Broken angel
You’re the only angel
that I know.
There were others
Once but they all
gave up and had to go.
They all just
turned around
and flew away.

They’ve gone
for good now
broken angel
and so I ask
If I can stay,
And spend this night
On simple steps
with you aglow
so we
can fight
this darkness
that we know
till the early morning
light of day.

You and I both together,
won’t be long,
Till the coming
Of the early morning dawn
my broken broken angel.

Lovers Parted Death

He sat on boat edge
as the boatman
with ancient oar
strummed rhythm
on the water .
She waited
on the other shore
Facing west
back turned away
of a losing glance
She refrained
from turning
as she flung back a hand
In an eastern direction
in a longing salutation
And the boat
it seemed up so high ,
floating on the air
above the water
as in winged embrace
the angel
held them
both together
and spirited
them away .