Lovers Parted Death

He sat on boat edge
as the boatman
with ancient oar
strummed rhythm
on the water .
She waited
on the other shore
Facing west
back turned away
of a losing glance
She refrained
from turning
as she flung back a hand
In an eastern direction
in a longing salutation
And the boat
it seemed up so high ,
floating on the air
above the water
as in winged embrace
the angel
held them
both together
and spirited
them away .

Waiting for a Sign


Waiting for a Sign

Waiting for a Sign

He knew her beauty
He knew her dreams
He knew she came apart
at certain seams
So he was gentle
and he was kind
but he was also
partly blind
He waited calmly
and patiently for the sign
but she left him
one grey October
to travel on a journey ,
endless abandon
with kind and tribe .
He was torn
once more alone
but now he knew
not only blind
but also
a fool
for love .
And yet
he never stopped
living her .