Beach on Infinity


There’s a secret beach I travel to ..

Beach on Infinity


And we walked along

the guarded path

where the pygmy loves

could not tread,

to the sands of the sacred beach

on a sea of infinity,

to that place in the sand

where the setting sun

froze and

stood still as a pearl.

And our dreams crystallized

into cast

grains of salt

all around us.

There with our feet

grounded In the sand

of a cosmos

of a million realities,

Our love became

a piercing of the heart.

Our tears became bubbles

that rose upwards

and burst into the air

that was thick

with the moment

of a golden light,

and with a fleeting


quickly melting

into a night of stars.

From “Free Verse in Useless Times” by PWChaltas

End Song


There was a man
who thought about the past, that thought
His life was
Ending, future nonexistent,
and suddenly
he opened his eyes,
looked around
and realized
the wealth
that was about Him :
his friends,
his family, his health,
his loves,
and all
the many places
of his habitation
In others:
the souls,
that were
Mirrored in his soul,
And his soul that
was mirrored
in theirs,
and he realized:
this was good,
that in
this unity
itself there
was no other Existence;
that could be truer,
No greater longing
Than for this
And instantly
in the
he was
at peace,
in this place of