Atlas and Lovers

Atlas and Loversimage

At the bottom

Of the world
Atlas strains
to lift his burden.
At the top,
Two lovers embrace.
The male lover
chained to
rock of earth,
She amorously
And picks at him
Like a tender hawk,
An angel.
And G_d
has skewered
The world in a middle
Place with
His staff,
Like an apple with
a piece displaced.
He suspends it
And holds it
firmly In its’ place.
Atlas lifts only
What he can bear,
although his
Burden is thought
And the lovers
Although chained
grow anew,
and curious,
Float In the air,
Their love,
A flame of
Sweet terror

Love in Now


Love in Now

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Love in Now

Touch this body
Touch this mind
Take my hand
and let’s embrace
each other from inside
I am here
I am yours and you
Are mine
and There’s only
Just a point of vacant space
and time
left for all our loving ,
Left for this love we’ve made
Thoughout the years
Sharing, serving secrets
in the dark
and if tomorrow
In a flash of morning
This all
just ends
This body you have held
Is lowered softly
with the simple earth to meld ,
Just a measured breath
graced by loving angels
What matters is
Our love in now
so lets love again
and it will be alright
Love each other
Deep tonight
Once again
enfolding body soul and mind
So sweetly in this dark
Thats lit by love
and burning candles .
Your hands are mine
And mine are yours
This Love of mine ,
this love of yours .
Here together in
this flowing river
we call time .

Love is

Love is

Love is
and surrender,
in a giving
of the kind,
where in the giving,
you receive
more than you
could ever give,
and more than you
could ever expect,
or deserve
to receive.
It is deeper
than death
and much
more illogical
in the living .
Sometimes love
can destroy
the lives
of lovers .
Never the less
the true lover
is  fulfilled
and sated in the giving,
regardless of
whether it ,
or the lover is
to be returned.

Song of Dogs and Lovers

Song of Dogs and Lovers

Sing to me
the song of dogs
and lovers,
the true and faithful
through the night.
And in the light
of day
those who stay
and walk with you
companions  constant
by your side ,
providing and seeking
comfort on the road.
Sing to me the song
of dogs and lovers
their faith unwaivering
Is true and high.
They never
falter or depart
until the time
arrives for
them to die .

From “Free Verse in Useless Times ” by PWChaltas