All have different views :
Some view from above
Some from below .
some look back and
some straight ahead
some north or south and
some east or west
some look
Inside and
Some look
some in darkness
some in light
some see from youth
And some see from
Oncoming death but
Except through faith
easily see it all ,
as it is ,
one ,
the same .

Void Voice


Void Voice

Void Voice

I was tired
you gave me rest .
I was desolate
consumed by a void
till I heard
A silent sacred voice
Spilling into it
so very clearly
In a sparkling flow
Peace relieve me.
Grief let me learn to
live with less .
Give me more of that
stark and simple insight
so that I can
Openly confess
that all is one .

By The River Shore at Night


By the River Shore At Night

The full moon was pillowed
In the glow of cloud
Iluminating the river shore,
as Orpheus plucked
his heavenly resounding string.
The boatman
had given up his rowing
And taken up the sale of books,
and other things.

So Sidhartha
from darkness
from the shelter of the many trees,
to take up the boatman’s mantel
first asking for a balaclava
to sheild him from remembrance,
from the cold
and the familiar,
To take up the oar, the boat,
their travels,
back and forth.

“My country is not so cold”
he said
“and I’m not used to chill.”

“In the countries where I’ve lived
the owners of the lands
are wealthy
and the people suffer still.”
So I’ve come here to the shore
to ferry,
to forget
troubles and desire,
to listen to the music of the waters
and to heal,
repeat and mirror
the placid rivers aid,

To put my faith in the One,
once again
To strum the water
with new found ancient oar,
To ferry the disenchanted,
the broken hearted,
the heroes,
the lost and the forlorn,
Some wrapped in white
linen sheet,
Some on bed of flowers,
Some on wooden barge
lit by single flames,
Some reduced to bare
And pristine bone,
to the golden islands,
or to the other shores.

The German Couple Next to Us


The German Couple Next to Us

A couple

was speaking German

at the table next to us.

She was a fine lady

in her fifties

with short cropped hair,

clear blue eyes and,

quite young

in her movement

and demeanor.

He sat across from

her at the table,

a tall graying gentleman,

with wrinkles

in his face ,



by many frequent smiles

over the years.

And at one

quite unexpected


in raw and unashamed emotion ,

she laid her hand

on him and caressed

all the deep lines

on his face ,

with a type

of tenderness

and warmth,

rarely ever seen,

with no equal in it’s honesty.

He returned

the gesture to her


like a mirror

by looking deeply

into her eyes.

And in the end

it was plain

that there is                                                                                            

no brand or nationality

to humanity.

We are all part and parcel of

the human race ,

and all

the same.

We’re the subject

of a kind and gentle grace ,

with a yearning for



and for each others


mirrored love.

From “Dreams for A Saturday Morning ” by PWChaltas

Dream Sequence

Dream Sequence

Misted evening
David on his terrace
watching two men .
one his soldier ,
the other friend ,
across and down the way
on neighbouring terrace .
Red wine drips
from both their lips
at a perverse table
of their words.
Suddenly Bathsheba
naked  In the thick
and sultry  
air of night
only to quickly disappear.
He feels her nearer now.
The sickness  in his loins
grows and sets
in his heart.
The sun
is tempted .
Further up the One
and knows
outcome of it all .

The Travellers

The Travellers


Each one of us

is a traveller

and often a wastrel,

with a soul like

a feather in the wind.

Winds blow it

mercilessly hard and cold

in furious storms without meaning

into thankless death.

Lead our souls like a feather in the wind

like a sheep and like a naïve lamb

led by a loving hand .

Its such a long way to go,

over the waters .

Thalassa, thalassa,

the wind blows ,

and we travel far

from the gentle start

in the morning.

We all have a choice to make

as we go .

“You have come down

now visible ,

Infinite and Eternal one

to conceal yourself

as the manifest force of nature

and to allow evil to have free reign

and to exist in this world ,

only to raise us high

and to test us to reveal ,

through your blowing

and changing winds ,

the traits of leadership

that you have given us,

and placed quietly within.

In your eternal will,

you wait patiently

to spring out

and fulfill . “ *                                      *Kabbalistic Prayer

From “Dreams for a Saturday Morning” by PWChaltas