The Boatman Travels

imageThe boatman
Has set his sights on travel,
With his ancient oar,
all on his own.
And he will journey far
To distant places
that he well knows,
And where he is
well known.
He is grateful
for good fortune
for all charitable hearts
Along his flowing road,
And for the safe directions
in which
The winds have blown.

Thinking of You in the Grey Blue

imageTravelling in the grey grey blue,

The light is dark
A column of tears is
hanging overhead.
Travelling in the grey, grey blue, just thinking of you
Am I as good as dead?
Traveling on the grey grey blue
The days are passing and there’s nothing new;
No news
No sun, no shine
only grey, grey blue,
I’ve got the grey grey blue
Just thinking
Of you.
You didn’t tell me when
You’re coming back.
You left so matter of fact,
left me half asleep and half awake;
Can’t take this heartache
Got the grey, grey blue,
Just waiting for you.
Wondering if
and when
you’re ever coming back
I got the grey, grey blue just thinking
Of you.
You said you’d never leave,
Said I’d never have to grieve,
But here I am.
You left me In the grey grey blue – promises untrue.
Wondering if and when
you’re coming back
I got the grey grey blue just thinking
Of you.
I’m just travelling through,
That grey, grey blue just
Thinking of you.